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Y'all's Products,
the creators of the Original Tailgate Wine Glass, are back and hotter than ever, with a fresh line-up for 2013!  With our "Award Winning" hot products, such as the Original Tailgate Wine Glass, Chick FeederFancy Moonshine Glass, and our Shakers, we are "proceeding to party" and making no excuses!

Except for the Chick Feeder, Y'all's Products are not to be dishwashed, they are hand-wash only. 
And, they are hand-made in Mississippi. 
How much more Southern can it get?

Sweet tea in a Y'all's Wine Glass, Gourmet Chick Feed at a hen party with our Chick Feeder?

The choices are yours, the products are Y'all's.  Enjoy!

Wanna get connected and stay connected?  Email us at info@yallsproducts.com for
more information about the products, or visit our FaceBook page for updated images and information on new and exciting products to come!

Y'all's Products
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